Saturday, October 1, 2011

Song Seung Heon - East of Eden

East of Eden is a great drama and Lee Dong Chul is a very special character written for Seung Heon.
Seung Heon is excellent in Lee Dong Chul, he dedicates to us full of feelings.

This drama and Song Seung Heon really bring me a heavy touch to my heart.
His act through his hand, his disheartening walk, even his back and of course his soulful eyes has killed my weak heart. I cry with him for Dong Chul's fate, distress, bearing, loneliness and love.
The way he accepts upheavals happened in his life melt my heart - left me in tears, Dong Chul - Seung Heon's tears or even he did not cry, just with a turn or a distracted walk, his lonely back or shoulders,... I can feel, touch or hold the heavy of his life.

Song Seung Heon, thanks for giving me all these precious feelings and moments.
This MV is as a thank to you. 
Love you too much!
Please come back soon with new projects.

This MV with Vietnamese caption, it is to share with and for Song Seung Heon's Vietnamese Fan, my love to him.

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